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My name is Dai. “The kindness Yogi” I am a fully qualified hatha and laughter yoga teacher.  I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for over 10 years. I have specialised in teaching children and young people. Additionally  to my adult qualification I have qualifications in : laughter yoga, children’s yoga, mindfulness for children, teen yoga, baby yoga, yoga for children with additional needs, mythology stories for children and chair yoga. I am an official provider for the Duke of Edinburgh awards.  I guarantee you much fun and much laughter in my classes. 



Monday 10.30 ladies circle ( at my house)
Monday 12.30pm - Laughter Class laughter yoga for all ages £4
Monday 3pm- Adult carers
Monday 5.00 - teen yoga D of E
Tuesday 430 - afterschool happy class £4
Tuesday 5.15 shine bright teens
Wednesday  -10.30-beginners yoga for all ages £4
Fridays 4.30- young carers 
Most classes are on zoom 
We also have lots of time available for yoga with friends, parties, yoga in my garden and 1 to 1 sessions  💛 message me for the links 💛


META MEDITATION Meditation can be a scary word! Brings to mind swaying monks with bald heads rocking and mumbling strange words- but this meta meditation ( sometimes called “loving kindness meditation” ) is just a simple set of words. If you say this meditation once- nothing really will happen but if you say this lovely set of words to yourself on a very regular basis ( daily ) then things really will happen- you will start to notice yourself becoming kinder and more loving towards yourself, towards your family and even towards strangers! Find a quiet place, sit up tall, take in a few long slow breaths - concentrate on the out breath becoming super slow and long and then read or say this out loud or in your head.May I be happy
May I be safeMay I be healthyMay I live in peace
Breath in and out slowlyPicture someone you would like to send love to and sayMay you be happyMay you be safeMay you be healthyMay you live in peace
Breathe in and out slowly Think about your community- the people that surround you and sayMay everyone be happyMay everyone be safeMay everyone be healthy May everyone live in peace
Close your eyes for a moment as all your loving kindness vibes shine out into the world xxx
Namaste 🙏 

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine!
Kindness club teach laughter to everyone- regardless of age! Children, families, office workers in big corporations have all benefited from laughter yoga. We turn our giggles in to deep and hearty laughter- the kind of laughter that hurts your belly! When we laugh for a longer period of time endorphins are released lowering stress, strengthening our immune systems and helping us to create a more positive mindset. Committing to laughing every day really will help you to live a joyful life. During lockdown we have a zoom class every Monday at 12.30. Message for codes 

Duke of Edinburgh official yoga teacher

We are here to help you get your Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E awards. We run 12 week courses on zoom  You can choose to practice with just me or within a group. The goal is to teach you how to “just be” without doubting yourself or your capabilities-for you to realise that you are absolutely perfectly imperfect just as you are. 
Our next courses start on Monday 26th April at 5pm and Tuesday 11th may at 5.30pmEach class costs £8 - £96 total for a 12 week course. I am also considering offering a Saturday morning class at 10am from February 20th. Get in touch to register your interest. 


What people say about us 

I just wanted to say what a beautiful class you have Dai. You fill the room with so much love and I really enjoyed being a part of it. 

Amazing and inspiring yoga teacher for younger people. Definitely recommend 

Dai at her very best! We had a beautiful session my son was completely engaged from beginning to end. The best kids yoga teacher I know. Calm, funny, relaxing. 

Dai is a very special kind of human and I feel privileged that she is Playing a part in my children’s upbringing ❤️


Get in Touch

These classes are not yoga classes as you might think! We don’t just “do the poses” - we laugh! we talk, we grow confident, we play! We learn how to bring yoga into our lives and how to live our very best lives. We plant the seeds of yoga from an early age and then help the seeds to grow. Studies show that 1 in four teenage girls suffer from some kind of anxiety. We are living in an epidemic of young men committing suicide. Something has got to give. We are committed to bringing our fun classes to children, teenagers and adults in the hope that we can help them to see that they are wonderful human beings. That they are incredible just the way they are! 
Please get in touch if you would like me to deliver yoga in your setting. 



Proud moments


I am so lucky to call this work 🙏



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