Welcome to Kindness Club 

My name is Dai. “The kindness Yogi” I am a fully qualified hatha and laughter yoga teacher.  I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for over 10 years. I have specialised in teaching children and young people. Additionally  to my adult qualification I have qualifications in : laughter yoga, children’s yoga, mindfulness for children, teen yoga, baby yoga, yoga for children with additional needs, mythology stories for children and chair yoga. I am an official provider for the Duke of Edinburgh awards.  I guarantee you much fun and much laughter in my classes. 



Monday 1.30- Adult carers
Monday 5.00 - Teen yoga D of E BronzeTuesday  9.30 - Baby YogaTuesday 10.30 - toddler/pre school yoga Thursday 5.00 - Teen yoga D of E Silver
Friday 11.25-gentle adult yoga- David Lloyd 
Friday 4.30- young carers
 Most of my days are spent teaching yoga in schools and nurseries- please get in touch if you’d like a yoga class in your setting. 

We also have lots of time available for yoga with friends, parties, yoga in my garden and 1 to 1 sessions  💛 message me for the links 💛



Let your eyes close. Let your body feel heavy. Let go of tension, let go of movement, let go of thoughts. Let this pose “savasana” be the pose that you do the best- relax, get yourself into a blissful relaxed state of mind and body. Don’t rush, don’t fidget. Just be ❤️
Namaste 🙏 


Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine!
Kindness club teach laughter to everyone- regardless of age! Children, families, office workers in big corporations have all benefited from laughter yoga. We turn our giggles in to deep and hearty laughter- the kind of laughter that hurts your belly! When we laugh for a longer period of time endorphins are released lowering stress, strengthening our immune systems and helping us to create a more positive mindset. We simply feel better when we laugh!
I have developed a laughter yoga session designed specifically at families with children. The sessions are on zoom and are very affordable- it’s a wonderful way to connect with family and friends that we can’t see right now xIts amazing how this session can lift the spirits 💛 The laughter stays with you all day!Choose a time and a day to suit you and send the code out to your nearest and dearest 💛 I promise you belly laughs and big feelings of calm 💛 
Our next session is on Zoom - get in touch for further details. 


Duke of Edinburgh official yoga teacher

I am here to help you get your Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E awards. We run 12 week, 6 month and year long courses on zoom  You can choose to practice with just me or within a group. The goal is to teach you how to “just be” without doubting yourself or your capabilities-for you to realise that you are absolutely perfectly imperfect just as you are. 
The bronze course is a fun introduction to the yoga world. We will concentrate on two of the eight limbs of yoga- asana and pranayama- poses and breath. Our next bronze course starts on Monday 3rd January  at 5pm  each class costs £8 - £96 total for a 12 week course.  The silver course is slightly more in depth look into the philosophy of yoga- the Yamas and the Niyamas. Alongside asana and pranayama. Our next silver /gold course will start on Thursday 20th January at 5pm 14 weeks at £112 Classes are on zoom. Please message me requesting a registration form. 


Children’s Holiday clubs

A lot of my working week is spent in schools- so a real highlight of the school holidays is spending quality time with the little yogi’s where we get the opportunity to really reinforce kindness and self love. The clubs are usually 10-4 at Dai’s house in N21. We play, craft, talk, and of course we do lots of yoga activities. Our next club is February half term confidence club 🤸‍♂️Monday 14th Feb and Friday  18th February 10-4pm at Dai’s house in N21£35 each day. Please bring packed lunch. For primary school age children. We will be focusing on confidence  all our activities will be encouraging and planting little seeds of self confidence. Lots of yoga, mindfulness, crafts and Giggles. !Please message me to book your place xxxxx


Baby/toddler/pre school classes

Tuesday 16th November-Tuesday 14th December 9.30-10.30 babies10.30-11.30 toddlers/ pre schoolers. At Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church 25 Main Avenue Enfield EN1Baby yoga for babies that are not on the move yet. These classes are gentle yoga sessions more for baby but mummy will get a good stretch too.

Baby yoga can help a frazzeled new mummy to feel calmer and more confident with baby\- each class will be fun, informal and very calming\- don't worry if baby cries\- we can always drink tea and have a chat!

Toddler/pre school yoga Is for all children able to walk confidently up to school age.


We will spend the whole time having topsie\-turvie\-spinsie\-roundsi\-laugh\-till\-you\-can’t \-breath \-FUN!!!


Using our imagination and our AMAZING bodies we will zoom, boing and blast off into story adventures that will help us to feel BIG feelings of confidence and full to the top with calm and peace.


Parent and carers are expected to join in the fun too!


Please bring a yoga mat, if you have one. A healthy snack to share with your child at the end and we will provide the tea!




What people say about us 

I just wanted to say what a beautiful class you have Dai. You fill the room with so much love and I really enjoyed being a part of it. 

Amazing and inspiring yoga teacher for younger people. Definitely recommend 

Dai at her very best! We had a beautiful session my son was completely engaged from beginning to end. The best kids yoga teacher I know. Calm, funny, relaxing. 

Dai is a very special kind of human and I feel privileged that she is Playing a part in my children’s upbringing ❤️


Get in Touch

These classes are not yoga classes as you might think! We don’t just “do the poses” - we laugh! we talk, we grow confident, we play! We learn how to bring yoga into our lives and how to live our very best lives. We plant the seeds of yoga from an early age and then help the seeds to grow. Studies show that 1 in four teenage girls suffer from some kind of anxiety. We are living in an epidemic of young men committing suicide. Something has got to give. We are committed to bringing our fun classes to children, teenagers and adults in the hope that we can help them to see that they are wonderful human beings. That they are incredible just the way they are! 
Please get in touch if you would like me to deliver yoga in your setting. 


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Proud moments


I am so lucky to call this work 🙏